To Syrina With Love

Syrina is 12 years old (born January 18, 1995). When she was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. Even now, she can't speak, can't go to the toilet (she wears specially made diapers), and can't do such rudimentary things as feeding herself using a fork and/or spoon. This blog is comprised of all the things I would love to say to her, but which I don't know that she'll ever understand. I, of course, am her mother.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Fine! I'll sit... HERE!

I know, I know... I'm a bad, bad Mommy. I haven't updated this in WAAAAAAAY too long. I have no excuses, other than the fact that LIFE simply got in the way.

But something happened last night that was just too funny... and I just happened to have the camera sitting right next to me, so I was able to catch it right away.

See, Syrina is pretty much a food addict. She'd eat all day long if we let her. Anything and everything - I don't think this kid has met a food she didn't like. And if she's NOT eating, that's a really good way to know that there's something wrong. Her school has even noticed how big a deal food is to her, and they use it as a reward for her doing what they want her to do.

And she's got this uncanny ability to KNOW that her dad and I are sitting down to eat OUR dinner (we eat after the kids have gone to bed), even in her SLEEP.

It never fails. Last night, I finished making our dinner, and went to tell hubby that it was ready. I had to pass up Syrina's room on the way, and looked in. She was asleep. I came back to the living room, sat down, and proceeded to eat my dinner while hubby went into the kitchen to get his off the counter. I had barely started eating when Syrina appeared out of nowhere. She tried grabbing food off Daddy's plate... Daddy smacked her hand with his fork. So she came over to me. Uh-uh, kid. You already had your dinner, you ain't getting mine too! So she tried to sit next to me (because she thinks that if she sits down real nice, I'll relent and give her some), but I was all the way on the one end of the couch. I tried to gently push her away, but she was being way too stubborn. So what did she do?

SHE SAT IN THE LAUNDRY BASKET NEXT TO THE COUCH. I've been using it to cart my yarn around the house with me for my crocheting projects. I've got another large bin in the bedroom, but it's too big and awkward to carry around the house. She just sat right down in the basket, and didn't move until I finished my dinner.

The funny thing was, she looked so comfortable sitting there! Hubby and I were laughing our butts off, and she's just looking at us like "What? What's so funny?" Which, of course, made us laugh even harder.

This kid is a hoot, I'm telling ya.