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Syrina is 12 years old (born January 18, 1995). When she was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. Even now, she can't speak, can't go to the toilet (she wears specially made diapers), and can't do such rudimentary things as feeding herself using a fork and/or spoon. This blog is comprised of all the things I would love to say to her, but which I don't know that she'll ever understand. I, of course, am her mother.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it!

Come on, sing with me now... you know you want to! *lol*

Okay, seriously, folks... I've got some great, exciting news to tell ya!

I was talking to Tom, Syrina's social worker today. We were dealing with some other issues we've been having with Syrina's taxi driver and his helper. And he tells me that he spoke to the DLA people today.

Apparently they'd phoned him to clarify something regarding Syrina's respite care. And while they were speaking to him, they tell him that they're already typing up the award letter!!!

If they're already typing up the award letter, that means that probably sometime in the next week, we'll not only get IT, but we'll get the back-pay they award us as well!!!!


It's about fucking time! We've been dealing with this for three and a half years. THREE AND A HALF YEARS!!!! The first time we applied was November of 2003. We were told that once Syrina was in this country for 6 months, we could get the DLA for her. It took them another year to deny us based on her nationality. A year after that, we spoke to Tom about re-applying. It took him a good 6 months to gather the papers together and find the files from her original application (his predecessor helped us with the original application and made copies of everything before we sent them off). That was back in like March? April? Something like that.

We still don't know exactly HOW MUCH we're going to be getting. What I posted before was just an educated guess. We have to wait for official confirmation before we know for SURE how much money we'll be getting. But at this point, anything is going to be a big help. For years, we've spend the end of every month so broke we can't even buy bread! (And bread is only £0.28 per loaf... that's how bad it is!) With the DLA on top of everything else, we know we'll at least be able to get through an entire month and not have to worry about going hungry.

Ya know what? That huge crane is right in front of me. I can see the driver messing with the controls to bring down the big hook. It's almost here!

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