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Syrina is 12 years old (born January 18, 1995). When she was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy. Even now, she can't speak, can't go to the toilet (she wears specially made diapers), and can't do such rudimentary things as feeding herself using a fork and/or spoon. This blog is comprised of all the things I would love to say to her, but which I don't know that she'll ever understand. I, of course, am her mother.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

12th Birthday!!!

It's Syrina's 12th Birthday!!!

It's been kind of uneventful... unfortunately Mom & Dad can't afford to give her a birthday party... YET. We get paid tomorrow, though, so we're having pizza & cake for her after school tomorrow.

She did get a mini-party at school today, though. She had cake &
food with her friends. The school sent home pictures of it. Apparently she had a good time. :)

Aunt Vicci came over at dinner time, and brought her a little present. Unfortunately, Syrina being the way she is, it's hard to buy presents for her. There isn't a whole lot she's really interested in. And it's not like she can tell us what she wants for her birthday, either!

But Maltesers are one of the few sweets she really DOES like. (She's not all that big on sweets - she'd rather have fruit. Seriously.)

As you can see, she was ready for bed early tonight. She hasn't been feeling all that well this week. She stayed home from school Tuesday and Wednesday. Monday she slept all day at school and woke up to have a seizure. :( Not good. So I kept her home Tuesday - but I had to take her out with me when I took her sisters to and from school. Daddy was at his first day of college!

She did remarkably well. The hardest part was getting her in her wheelchair. (It confuses her until she actually gets her butt in the seat - THEN she knows what we're trying to do.)

She even kept her hat on while we were out!! This kid HATES hats - and anything else that goes on a person's head. But she never messed with it while we were out. It wasn't until we got back home and IN the house that she pulled it off and tossed it on the couch! *lol*

Wednesday, I thought she'd be okay going back to school. She was still asleep when I went in the kitchen to make breakfast, but I figured she'd wake up as soon as she smelled the toast (which is what usually happens). Nope. So I go in her room and wake her up. She looks at me like "what do you WANT?" So I show her the food. No response. WHAT?! Usually, as soon as she sees food, she literally BOUNCES out of bed. So I tried pulling her off the bed. No go. She yanked her hands out of mine and lay down... and went back to sleep.

This is EXTREMELY unusual behavior for her... so I figured, if she's THAT tired... she can stay home again. (Daddy was off college that day, so I didn't have to drag her with me.)

So today was her first day back at school since Monday. Apparently she had a good day, but I think it wore her out. As soon as she had dinner, she looked ready for bed. So I changed her and put her in her jammies... and THEN I thought maybe I should take a picture of her ON her birthday. So she ends up with a birthday picture in her pink fuzzy jammies. Oh well... better than no pic at all!!!

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